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At JebChem our support goes beyond products – we’re here to solve coating challenges. Take a look below and see how we can help your projects.
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Our Products

At JebChem we have a broad range of additives available to support coating industries. Technical information and free samples are available.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art Regional Coating Innovation Center we are able to develop exciting new products together with our partners.

Working Together

Our technical teams have extensive experience in solving coating industry challenges. See how we can support your next project.

About Jebchem

A new approach to additives for coating & ink industries

After working with key industry players across Asia for more than 50 years, our Coating and Resins specialists at Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients saw an opportunity to better serve customers by creating individually tailored solutions together for and with them. This meant investing heavily in the right laboratory infrastructure, which led to the creation of our Regional Coating Innovation Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Developed by Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients

Through our setup, which includes the right tools, international partners from more than ten countries and a solid team of industry experts, we are able to provide customers with innovations, resources, and ideas to expand their product portfolio, develop business opportunities, and add value to their products and services.

Solving challenges

A new approach to coating industry difficulties

Quality & Costs

You’re not satisfied with the performance of your additives – But tight margins leave you no room for additional investment.

Research & Investment

You want to improve your formulations with new additives – But how can you make sure the quality is right? Testing equipment is expensive.

Developing Opportunities

You want to create new solutions to tap into market opportunities – But that requires a big investment into R&D and an extensive network.

Finding Tailored Solutions

You want to fine-tune your formulations to create exactly the products you have in mind – But you’re lacking the support to create tailored solutions.

Do you Need help?

Many of our clients have faced these challenges before they started working with us. Get in touch and see how we can support you.

Our Products

Giving you the right tools to succeed

At JebChem we offer a wide variety of additives for the coatings and inks industries. Choosing the right additives helps our partners optimize their production process of coating and printing inks, and even smallest adjustments to the type and quantity of additives can have profound impacts. Free samples are available for all of our products and our technical specialists are happy to advise you on which products to choose and test.

Anti-Foam Additives

Slip Additives


Dispersing Additives

Special Additives

Flow Additives

Substrate Wetting Additives


Our Regional Coating & Innovation Center

Our Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients’ Regional Coating Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art research facility dedicated to solving the problems you face in manufacturing high quality products. At the RCIC we create new concepts, panels, samples, and product prototypes weekly, all in efforts to bring clients the best possible product. We understand that testing and paint preparation are key to develop new and revolutionary concepts and products. Consistency and accuracy are of paramount importance. That is why our laboratory only uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Want to see our lab in person?

Our Regional Coating Innovation Center is available for your projects. Get in touch with our technical team and they’re happy to schedule a one-on-one session to see how we can work together.

Innovation . Infrastructure . Compliance .

Beyond world-class equipment, our Regional Coating Innovation Center is also committed to ensuring the right environmental, health, and safety standards. Chemicals and contaminated waste are disposed of properly, and air emission standards are always met. In addition, all of our staff have access to the required personal protection equipment, and the building is outfitted with fire protection equipment, an explosion proof room for chemical storage, emergency stations, and a 24 hour CCTV security system.

Innovation – Made Available to You

Our team at the RCIC is always working on new prototypes and guide formulations to support coating businesses across the region. All of their work is available upon request. Get in touch with us today and let’s build something great together.

latest news

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Coating Industry Trends June 2019

The smallest pixel ever created, new glass coating trends, fire protection for wood, and a growing architectural coatings market. Take a look for yourself.

How to get better coating additives without losing profit

Why is balancing the performance of formulations, quality of coating additives and profit margins so challenging? We’re taking a look at a new approach to additives and this seemingly difficult balance of quality and costs.

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Product Development


Dedicated Specialists

Our JebChem team is ready to work with you. No generic solutions – we listen and work with you to find a tailored solution.

State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

The right set of equipment in a world-class infrastructure setting, combined with international compliance and standards. Ready for your projects.

Extensively Tested Quality

A wide network of international technology providers from over 10 countries. Well tested and documented quality you can rely on.