Regional Coating Innovation Center – Virtual Tour

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What is the Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients Regional Coating Innovation Center?

Our Coating Innovation Center is a high-tech testing and development facility. After working with key industry specialists for decades, our team saw an opportunity to serve customers even better, by creating individually tailored solutions together for and with them. This meant however, that we had to invest heavily in the right laboratory infrastructure, which led to the creation of our Regional Coating Innovation Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

What does the Regional Coating Innovation Center do?

Product Development

Our colleagues at the RCIC help customers develop products, tapping into new market opportunities.

Testing & Quality Control

With a full setup of testing equipment available, our Regional Coating Innovation Center can test any products to ensure they perform as intended.

Replacement Analysis & Formulation Guidance

When existing formulations need to be improved, our team can help find the right replacements – ensuring the quality of our clients formulations.


Our team can also help fix existing issues and guide clients on how to solve problems their formulations.

Take a virtual tour through the RCIC

Our Regional Coating Innovation Center and technical specialists are ready for your projects. Want to take a look in person?

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