Coating Industry Trends May 2019

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What are the latest coating industry trends in Asia?

Last month saw a number of interesting new product developments, including new wood coatings, and eco-friendly anti-fouling agents. Meanwhile, the potential classification of titanium dioxide is still creating a lot of discussion throughout the industry. Wolf Meyer-Hevekerl of Worlée-Chemie provided insights into future building trends and the construction materials market, and linseed oil might provide surprising benefits for epoxy coatings.

Inkworld Magazine

HP Reinvents Dye Sublimation Printing with Launch of HP Stitch

Signals entry into textile printing for sportswear/fashion, interior décor and soft signage applications.

European Coatings

PPG and Avery Dennison commercialise eco-friendly anti fouling system

The companies PPG and Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions want to further commercialise their self-adhesive fouling release foil for ship hulls.

European Coatings

Titanium dioxide: “Keeping the industry on its toes”

Expert interview with Steve Ashdown of Venator, talking about the growth perspectives in pigmentary and protective applications of titanium dioxide, smart coatings and the recent discussions on classifying TiO2.

Coatings World

Jotun Launches New Wood Coatings Products

The company has created a range of specially designed powder coating solutions that will keep moisture out.

European Coatings

Interview: “Longer life cycles for buildings”

Developments such as urbanisation as well as regulations and the ongoing trend towards more sustainability have a big influence on the construction chemicals market. European Coatings spoke to Wolf Meyer-Hevekerl of Worlée-Chemie to get an overview of current trends.

European Coatings

Acquired self-healing ability of an epoxy coating through microcapsules having linseed oil and its alkyd

In order to produce self-healing coating, microcapsules having either linseed oil or its alkyd have been incorporated into an epoxy matrix.

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